SONA 2014

White paint was slowly dripping from a black canvas.
Streaks of yellow and peach that slowly covered the dark.
More of it and darkness was no longer visible to the eyes of one who believes.

If I would imagine how that artwork would have ended up, I’d see a picture with no contrast.  Light colors embraced the whole canvas leaving us to figure out how the elements in the artwork were sorted out. That was exactly how I felt during President Benigno Aquino III’s 2014 State of The Nation Address. There were many dark shades missing, though I must admit  the yellow and peach were surprisingly believable. Frankly, I was never a fan and will never be a fan of Mr. President so I guess I’m more of the opposing team, who’d give forced applause rather than genuine smiles. If I were to base my answer only on what the president said, I may have thought it was agreeable but I am also a Filipino Citizen. Its very hard to deny something when it is already right in front of you, waiting to be noticed.

I may not have liked the SONA as a whole, but I have to agree that many Filipinos have already crossed the lines of poverty. Among all topics discussed, what really got my attention was about TESDA. I can say that this is one of the biggest accomplishments of the president. Based on personal experiences, I know quite a few people who are currently under TESDA Training. Yes, it is true, surprisingly. I think that through TESDA, we are given second chances to move forward in life specially to Filipinos who has less that what we may have. Given the opportunities, we are able to help our country by investing in the economic growth of the Philippines.

I must say, the president did quite a good job expressing his love for the Philippines. With that, he was also able to convince me about the current state of the Philippines. Being quite emotional could sometimes persuade a person to believe in what you say which made his speech compelling enough. For me, the 2014 SONA was better than before. Considering that there have been a lot of changes around us that we may or may have not noticed. Among his entire speech, what kept me wondering was why did he have nothing much to say about our agriculture which was supposed to be one of the biggest industries in the country. Aside from that, I think that even though I’m not quite a supporter, I must say, a job well done to the president. Comparing my thoughts with the people around me, among all the things I said, we only had one thing in common, which was about the job opportunities. The main thing that we really didn’t have the same answer was about the current status of the Philippines based on the 2014 SONA. The 2014 SONA, for them was agreeable. The reason behind that is maybe because I am only a student and have yet to explore the real world while the people around me already knows how things in the real world works. They know how it has changed over the years and the fully understand how it may still be changed.


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