My Little Infinity

I’ve been really ecstatic about writing a TFIOS FanFic so basically what you’re about to read is my interpretation of what had happened to Hazel after Gus’ death. Play this song while reading, it’ll make you more emotional, like what it did to me. —> Tee Shirt – Birdy (It’s part of the TFIOS Soundtrack, by the way.)  Hahaha 🙂


The cold breeze touched Hazel’s skin. It almost felt like there were butterflies fluttering their wings making her shiver as she made her way to Support Group, at least the one near their new house. Hazel’s medium-lengthed dark hair with streaks of brown and white was tied up in a bun, a few strands falling on the side of her face as the wind blew harder. Her cheeks were as red as a tomato, soft as a marshmallow. She was radiant, similar to the sun on a warm day which she wish was the weather. But she never saw herself that way. Hazel always thought she just looked okay. She sat behind everyone else, always trying to hide herself from the spotlight. She hated attention, but today wasn’t her lucky day. She stood up and walked to the front as their support group leader wished to hear a short introduction from the newbie, she felt her heart thumping. The tip-tapping sound of her new support group leader’s shoe was making her feel uncomfortable. it made her even more nervous. “Hi-i.. Mm-my name i-is Hazel Grace Lancaster, I was dd-di-agnosed with ss-tage 4 Thyroid Cancer.” Hazel said, stuttering. She couldn’t help but remember him. “I only started living after he died.” That’s what she thought after Augustus passed away. Hazel had to live in a life where there was no Augustus Waters annoying her. She missed it, she missed him. “I am happy, healthy, hearty, lovely, and laughing loudly, I…. am…..great!” Support group was finally finished and she no longer had to sing that song which she thought was even worse than what Patrick did before. She let out a deep sigh as she brushed that thought away and immediately remembering the only difference Mr. Green, her new support group leader and patrick had. Mr. Green, was a good joker, he said “People who joked about cancer had no sense of tumor.” She laughed her lungs out, only in her mind, trying not to capture too much attention. Her knees weakened as she stepped outside, she wanted to die right away remembering that she left her gloves at home. “Oh right! The cold never bothered me anyway!” She said sarcastically to herself. She started walking, the cold wind making her hands feel numb. It made her wish Augustus was their to keep her warm just like how he always did before. She shrugged her shoulders and kept walking, wondering if Augustus was watching over her.





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