1. agadi-nwayi: old woman

It was my first time helping an agadi-nwayi cross the street.

2. ekwe: a musical instrument; a type of drum made from wood

Everyone danced to the beat as the little boy hit his ekwe. 

3. iba: fever

I’ve been absent for almost a week because of iba which later on turned out to be dengue.

4. efulefu: wothless man

Is it right to call a murderer an efulefu?

5. inyanga: showing off, bragging

Everyone in class dislikes him because he was always inyanga the material things he had.

6. ogene: a musical instrument; a kind of gong

We wanted the ogene to stand out in the new ethnic song we’re creating.

7. Uri: part of the betrothal ceremony when the dowry is paid

My mother had prepared lots and lot of food for my sister’s Uri.

8. ndichie: elders

The best part of our family reunion was the part where the ndichie sang “Bang Bang”.

9. obi: the large living quarters of the head of the family

I had to bring my father’s dinner to his obi  because he could not get out of bed because of high fever.

10. ochumurder of manslaughter

He was captured by the police yesterday because he was accused of ochu. 


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