In a Grove·Rashomon


Rashomon and In a Grove are two stories that are quite similar and at the same time different. Rashomon displays the endless possibilites in life while In a Grove revolves around the nature of truth. The picture above is an example of dark and light which may also be a representation on my take from both stories.

In life, there are ups and downs. You may refer to it as light and dark just like the servant from Rashomon. He had his ups and he also had his downs and from that we get the darkness and light in our life. On the other hand, even though there is darkness, there is a small chance of light. In the photo, the darker side shows a hint of light. This means that no matter how dark it may seem, there’s still hope in life. In a Grove displays countless possibilites, lies, truth and a lot more confusing things. Even though it may seem that there’s no hope left in the story, you just need to have faith in seeking the truth then it will eventually come to you.


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