A Way to Kill School Children

I couldn’t imagine my self agreeing with the author. The very thought of it made me feel nauseas. How could you pollute an innocent child’s mind with useless junk that kept them away from life’s cruel reality. Why did they have to take away their ability to see, to hear and to think. A child’s vulnerability is a man’s strength, they may have had questions all tangled up in their little minds but that huge boar never gave them the chance to speak, “A huge boar gores mountain villagers;” and cover them with melted caramels, “Promise them toy trains, toy rails, toy bridges.” to lure them back into their fairytale. Some may have tried to speak but these “Black-streaked monkeys tote guns in tree perches;”, scared them away. Why did they do such inhumane acts if they would just cover it up?I couldn’t help but blame them for what we are right now. Because of those fairytales, we still opt to believe that all is well and that a smile can take away all the pain. News Flash! Wake up, there are no fairytales but on the brighter side, there’s reality, the only thing that we can believe in. Though today’s reality is dark and may look despairing there’s always a flickering light, indicating that there’s hope but you just have to find it.

To be honest, the first time I heard the poem’s title which is A Way to Kill School Children, I immediately thought about mental abuse, never-ending homeworks, projects and of course terror teachers who’s looks make you want to fold yourself like a piece of paper and just be thrown away. But right after reading the poem, I finally understood the reason why it had that title. It wasn’t anything related to school. It didn’t literally mean killing or murdering the school children physically but I felt it had something to do with a child’s young mind. Many people would say, “A child may have many questions and opinions, but a gift would easily keep them away.” and that’s how they killed the schoolchildren. They made them believe in the king who ate slime, monkeys who tote guns and charmed mice. They turned them into little pets whom you feed, train and give little bone snacks to make them stop barking and catching attention. In my opinion, if you hear the title even without reading the poem you wouldn’t immediately think about white-washing, or violence, death and dark secrets but like me you would think of homeworks and such. The title was so strong it made me and you believe in its little fairytale where in there were no such things as a dreaded president only a dreaded king and soldiers who were like puppets following ruthless orders like monkeys whom they said could tote guns.



  1. I suddenly remember the saying (not sure how the words go, exactly): Never underestimate a child’s capacity to understand. On reading the title, I also though it’s going to be murder of children. This is good

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