Parents :)

In today’s busy lifestyle, many of us forget about spending a few hours on family bonding. Many of us doesn’t realize how that short amount of time can affect the whole family. During family bonding, parents and their children get to know each other even more. They know what’s happening to their children, if they are doing good in school or if someone might be bullying their child. A lot of families have been making ways to keep contact to their children specially because as teenagers, we tend to stay much longer on the internet rather than talking to our parents. We should always remember that if anything happens, family will always be there. Put in mind that if ever the world brings you down, your family will be there no matter what happens.

As parents, its never too late to try and interact with your child. I’m quite sure that regardless of the things he/she has done to disappoint you, you’ll never give up on each other. A few minutes spent with your child can be a way to lead them to the right path. That short period of time can change them. Make them feel how much you love them and tell them encouraging lines to keep them up. All it takes is a few minutes of your time Sacrifice for them and teach them the little things needed in life. Be there to keep them going when goals starts to become harder to achieve and when they are at their worst. No parent wants to see their child suffer and no child wants to see their parents give up on him/her. And lastly, let the Lord do miracles in your life. Let Him lead your way.


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