A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last Thursday, January 9, the Grade 10 students had a play which was A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. At first, I wasn’t really going to watch but I realized something. I thought that someday, our batch might do something like this as well and the funds were for the Nanjing Walkabout so I decided to watch. I used my money which was given to me for Christmas to buy VIP tickets. So the day of the play finally came and me and my friends were first on the line because we wanted to sit near the stage! We were really excited because it was the first time that our school had a play by one of the greatest writers in history, Mr. William Shakespeare. We were aware that the play would use Old English so I prepared my self for that ahhaa! When the play started we were just so amazed about how good everyone did with memorizing the lines! The costumes were fabulous specially the wedding gowns at the end of the play! The play that the characters were watching was so hilariousI don’t remember a time when I wasn’t laughing during the play of the actors!i told my self that the amount I paid was worth it. When the play ended I still couldn’t get over my favorite scenes which are the part where in Hermia slapped Lysander. I also liked the parts where Puck was copying the actors as they practiced for the play. Even the lights and sounds effectwas in perfect timing! Watching AMND was definitely an unforgettable experience!



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