Snow in Midsummer

The day after A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Grade 9’s play was up next already. There play was Guan Hanqing’ s Snow in Midsummer. If the Grade 10’s play was Western now, its Eastern! After the Grade 10’s play I already saw how pressured the Grade 9 was because honestly, the Grade 10 was really excellent with every part of the play. I thought that maybe they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to do as well as the Grade 10 did. Like with the first play, me and my friends were also first in line but the difference is, we were no longer VIP because we have no more money left! Haha! We even planned to split in the 2 lines so that even if the other line will go first my friend in that line could reserve the seats for us because we had to stay in the first row of the regular ticket! Before the play started, I saw a lot of old students and even teachers. I was quite happy to know that they were still in touch with us. The play started and I could already feel the sadness in the story. I really liked how each character had their own Chinese Accent! I really like the idea of the see through wall which showed the part were Dou E the lead actress was killed! It was so good! After that, we were all frightened and surprised when we saw her as a ghost walking in the aisle with a scary expression!t was such a great story and the characters were really excellent!



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