New Year’s Gift :)

Sometimes there are things that you thought would never happen but you never know, one day it might just happen! Its been months since I last posted a blog and those were the days when there were so many things to do but I’ll try to make my blogs better and make sure that you’ll have fun! Since I was little, I dreamt of having a dog since I often watch movies which had dogs in it and I found them really cute. Whenever I talk to my parents about having a dog my mom would always disagree because she thinks that dogs are messy and noisy. My dad would just say the time would come when we’re ready enough to take care of one. 6 years has passed and there was no dog only fish which I definitely couldn’t play with!

Eventually, I got tired of asking them about having a dog and just forget about it. I thought that it will never ever happen since my mom kind of hated dogs. I was just thankful of everything that I was given. Christmas 2013 passed and a part of me was still hoping for a dog but there was no sign of one. Sometimes my dad would joke and would ask me “Which one would you like for Christmas? A dog or phone?” Even before I would answer, he would say that its a joke and I would just roll my eyes!

New Year came and I was shocked when we entered my grandmother’s house! There was a puppy running towards us and I was like “Is this for real?!” I looked crazy jumping and shouting together with my sister. It felt so happy and my heart was jumping up and down! I’m just so thankful to my parents because they trusted us with a dog. I’m so thankful for Storm. By the way, he’s a mix breed of Japanese Spitz and Chihuahua. How I wish there would be more moments like this. 🙂



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