Happy Birthday!

Just so you know, today is the birthday of a very very close friend. I’m just happy because he is thirTEEN already! So we had a party! The party happened at Chili’s and what I can say is that I was really overwhelmed about the food we ate. We all enjoyed while eating and at the same time, talking to each other. After eating, one of us said that there were newscasters eating there too! We all started peeking from the party area. At first, I couldn’t see them but when I saw them, I realized that all this time, I’ve been looking at the end of the restaurant even if they were just in front of us. We started laughing because some of us wanted to take a picture with them. They had so many failed attemps! When they finally had the guts to do it, they even called a waiter to take their picture! We were really laughing so hard! I felt like vomiting because I was really full. After their so called pictorial, we saw one of the girl newscaster go to the comfort room! Then, some of us went after her to take a selfie with her! I felt so embarrassed but at the same time happy because they really waited for her to come out of the comfort room! That really made my day and I believe, it will be hard to forget that. The party was really fun and really really memorable!


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