Better late than never.

I had a lot of experiences of being late. Late in school, late in certain events and most of all, late at meetings. Every time my classmates and I set meetings to make our project, I know for sure that I’ll be late. I really don’t know why its always like that since I already do things in advance. The problem is, there is always something that stops us from leaving our house or its traffic! For example, we were supposed to meet at 12 noon. I was already ready to leave at 11:15 when my sister said she was coming with us because she also had a meeting. Since I know my sister very well, I told her that she has 30 minutes to prepare. Leaving us with 15 minutes of travel time. 20 minutes had passed and she was still in the bathroom! I was really getting mad because I know how long she takes to pick her clothes and I knew that I’ll be late. Those moments happened again and again and again and if it isn’t my sister, it would be my mom. But what I hate the most are those last minute bathroom time! I really feel angry when we’ve been sitting and watching to kill time before we leave and when we are already going to leave, someone will say that they have to do their business in the bathroom. I just hope that one day, I’ll just wake up and I would never be late again.


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