VLC Experience :)

LIke what I said on my blog a while ago, I’ll be sharing about my VLC EXPERIENCE! It was truly a life changing experience as a FIlipino youth. Seeing Cebu gave me more inspiration to strive harder knowing that there are more things to improve in our country. So for my blog, I’ll be sharing my most unforgettable experiences in Cebu.

My first most unforgettable experience in Cebu was our Dinner at Tops. When we got there, it was just sunset and I was so mesmerized by the view! I felt like never leaving but I know that was impossible at that moment. It was very very cold as it got darker and darker. We enjoyed playing at the big field there and the scent of the air was just so soothing!

Tops-view-of-Cebu-in-Night GE DIGITAL CAMERA

My next favorite is our visit to the showroom of Kenneth Cobonpue and Arden Classic. When we first got there all I could say was there showrooms are hidden. They are very hard to find if you’re not familiar with the place. In Arden Classic, I was so excited about their products and when I saw it, I was not disappointed because it was fantastic! All the details were done excellently even the smallest of them were so fabulous! With Kenneth Cobonpue, it was also the same I was shocked with furnitures and about where they got their inspirations but what shocked me the most is how expensive their products are. In Arden Classic, a paperweight cost $30 which is the cheapest already while a small chair in Kenneth Cobonpue cost Php33k. I promised my self that when I grow up I will have one of those!



Lastly, my most favorite is our visit to Hello Hans Movie House. The truth is, it isn’t part of our itinerary but since some of the places we were supposed to go to was unsafe because of the recent earthquake there, they decided to take us there. Hello Hans is a mini theatre. We watched the Korean movie War of The Arrows. I think we were 10 in a room. And what I liked about it was it was very cold! So if ever you go to Cebu make sure to drop by Hello Hans Movie House! 🙂




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