VLC Experience: Food

It’s been 4 days since we got back from Cebu. To be honest, I still have the “Cebu hangover”. There were just so many things that I will miss in Cebu which will be  the topic for my next post later on. For now, let me talk about the amazing food of Cebu! *clap* *clap* *clap*

Our first meal in Cebu was in ZUBUCHON! The food was just so yummy! So Zubuchon serves one of the best lechons in the Philippines. And being someone who has experienced eating there, I could say that it is very true that Zubuchon is something to be proud of.  If you’re not familiar with lechon, lechon is roasted pig marinated with different kinds of sauce and herbs.


That same day, we had our dinner in Tops! We were thought about how to make PUSO read as PU-SO but in a faster way. Like what our tour guide said, you can find Puso in any place in Cebu. Puso is also called hanging rice. It is just rice wrapped in young coconut leaves and is boiled until the rice is cooked. So after you cook the rice, all you have to do is cut the puso and eat the rice directly from it.

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For our 3rd lunch in Cebu, we went to Golden Cowrie. The food was also delicious! They also served us a lot of meat which is composed of 4 meaty barbecues! And their soup was also so good! It was perfect for that rainy weather. If I’m not mistaken, since it was unlimited rice, a lot of my classmates ate more than 4 cups!


The last meal that we had before leaving Cebu was the best! After attending church, we went to Rodeo Grill to have lunch. What’s funny about this is that the restaurant is hidden! Haha! For me, it was one of the best meal I’ve ever had even better than my mom’s cooking. They served us a big piece of milk and the super yummy gravy! Again, it was unlimited rice so even I got 3 cups. So if ever you have plans on visiting Cebu, might as well visit the place and I’m quite sure that you will  enjoy!




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