Family Reunion!

I am very excited for our family reunion this Saturday! The reason why they decided to come up with a reunion is because every time we meet its always because someone died. This reunion was already cancelled because there was no electricity in our province because of the typhoon. Fortunately, the electricity was restored faster than what was expected. I think that were 70+ all in all so I’m not really sure how all of us could fit in our house in the province and in the resort were renting. What I really like about reunions is that we have lots of games and special performances! And because it has been years since we last had a reunion, my dad even printed a tarpaulin which has a Garcia & Co. on it. Hahaha! I’m expecting a lot of unforgettable moments from this reunion. I’m quite sure about that because my father’s side of the family is really funny that’s why I think I inherited my funny side from them. Haha! I remember my childhood days with them and I’m a bit sad that we barely see each other that’s why I think that this reunion would be a great opportunity to catch up with them. 🙂


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