Packing Day! :)

Today is Packing Day! Because of that, we have no classes anymore! Its’s kinda like a resting day as well. But to be honest, I wasn’t that excited at first. But now that it’s just a day away, I feel like my heart is going to pop out already! So we’re required to bring some important stuff like clothes of course and some school stuff. While packing, I really wanted to bring some important stuff but I remembered that there was a weight limit. It was quite depressing because I’m not really used to leaving home without those things… For my things for VLC, my mom was in charge of what I should bring. She wanted me to bring my best business attire but I just couldn’t agree because it was too fancy. She made me use the bigger luggage even though I told her that my ACTS teacher wanted us to travel light but she insisted and I couldn’t stop her anymore so we pushed through with it. So in short, I’m bringing a big luggage. 😦 BUT I’M STILL EXCITED FOR VLC! 🙂


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