Reminders before VLC :)

Considering the things that has happened in Bohol and Cebu, a lot of people have been reminding us of how we should act when we get to Cebu on the 24th. I think that because of what has happened, our batch should have important reminders that we should carry on during our VLC. For my blog today, I’ll be writing 2 very important reminders that I think could actually help us during our trip to Cebu.

1. See things in a different perspective.
I remember what our teachers and fellow students told us that we might not reach our expectations, I really believe in this but I know that to look at things in a different perspective might turn the negative thoughts into positive solutions that could help our fellow countrymen affected by the recent earthquake. For me, if we keep seeing the bad effects of this earthquake as a reason to lose hope or to make us feel bad, we will definitely lose hope and remain weak. But, if you use all of these as an inspiration to help and make ways even as a student you will be able to become a solution or a blessing to them.

2. Be open 24/7. Like many stores open for 24/7, make sure to keep your heart, eyes and mind open for everything that might happen or for all the ideas that yon might think of. Let all of them enter you and make sure that before they leave you have something in mind for them that will help them prosper or become better. For example, if ever you see something wrong and you have an idea to solve it or even just to help in your own way, let it enter you and while inside, make sure that you treat it with your best so that once that idea comes out of you it is polished very well.


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