Lol Moment

It was just another day, school was finished and I didn’t expect anything exciting to happen. Well, I was wrong! I never even thought that the same person that ruined my day could actually complete it and satisfy my “entertainment needs”.

So there’s this girl from school who attends our school bus. She wasn’t the shy type she was more of the who-cares-about-what-i-do kind. Almost all of our passengers were annoyed by her presence. She would sing out loud and do crazy stuff. I never really minded her, not until today. Since there was a book fair in school, she bought hers too. The problem is she left it. At first she was like “Let’s go back for it, please.” She sounded like a cute little girl but unfortunately it didn’t work.

She evolved! We were all creeped out! She was really throwing tantrums! She was biting her ribbon and towel and was crying her heart out in a very funny way. Hahaha. Even if it was a really “serious” moment for her, all of us were trying not to laugh because she really looked ridiculous. She was screaming, “I’m losing my breath so just please bring me back to school!!” “I will rip my ribbon if I don’t get back to school!!!” I was really getting annoyed I wanted to tell her to shut up but I knew that was rude so I kept it to myself.

When she finally left, I realized that, that girl ruined my day and completed it as well. 🙂


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