Community Hour

Just this morning, we had our community hour. It was entitled, “ECORoar Fight Against Monster Trash”. So I was chosen to be one of the three emcees. At first, I was really really nervous. I was afraid that I might not know what to say. I felt really unprepared as if I never practiced. As we kept repeating our program, I was already getting a grip on what I was doing. I already felt like doing it again and again and again. I was really enjoying what I was doing. When it was the HS batch I was a bit sad because I felt like they weren’t interested with what we were saying and they gave me this feeling that they were bored. So that’s the sad part of t. The good thing about our community hour is that we were able to accomplish our goal! First, make our school an ECOmmunity. Second, to raise funds for one of our classmate so that he could join us in our VLC 2 weeks from now! 🙂


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