Math Olympiad: PROBLEM SOLVED!

Just this Wedneasday, the HS department held its Math Olympiad. I wasn’t really that into it simply because I really don’t like Math. For me, Math is a problem you keep on solving but you wouldn’t get the answer. To be honest, I got my very first line of 8 in my card because of Math and that was Grade 5 I think? Since I’m required to blog about the Math olympiad, I’d be sharing about 3 things.

First, the most exciting part. For me, the most exciting part was the afternoon events. I really enjoyed the games and the movie. Even though we weren’t able to finish it due to lack of time, I was still able to learn some new things when answering Math problems. One of those is don’t let time pressure take you. It means that even if you’re timed, don’t let it be a distraction on your concentration. So if ever you are being timed, don’t panic and as they say, KEEP CALM.

Second, discovery. Because of Math Olympiad, I discovered the importance of Math and how I can enjoy it. I used to think that Math wasn’t needed anymore when I grow up but I stand corrected. Last Wednesday’s Inspirational Talk was really inspirational even though its quite long. I learned that through practice, you will be able to answer a problem even by just looking at it. I also learned that Math can be applied in any aspect of life, wether its arts, science, language, etc.

Lastly, Math and tenacity. If I were to connect these two, I’d come up with this saying that “In Math, courageousness is needed.” Sometimes, when answering word problems you seem to have a hard time. One important characteristic you should have is to have courage. It is important that you have courage to ask the teacher or to ask help from someone when you know you couldn’t do it. For me Math and tenacity means that the key to an answer is having an unbreakable fighting spirit!



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