Losing someone.

Well I’ve been blogging for quite a while already so for my first blog this week, I’ll be writing about something very light and something very personal. I will be blogging about my grandfather’s death.

My grandfather’s death is the saddest thing that has happened to our family. I remember how my mom described him when he was in the hospital since I wasn’t able to visit him anymore because I was in the province. She said he was very pale and thin. He’s eyes weren’t as lively as before, he was so skinny and he looked 10 years older. I wasn’t really close to him but I love him for he is my grandpa. And the memories we shared was enough for me to love him even more. When I first arrived at the church where he was, I felt sadness all over the place. There were people crying, sharing their moments with my grandpa when he was still alive, I felt a bit happy knowing many people loved him. As much as I wanted to see him, I wasn’t brave enough.

A week passed and it was the day we had to bring him to the cemetery and have his cremation. The place looked so peaceful, there were leaves falling from the tall trees, water dripping from the watered plants and the beautiful fountain with an angel. We were all crying as we entered the room where the cremation was going to occur. I had the guts to look at him for the last time and I cried even more when I saw my grandpa peacefully lying down on the coffin but with a smile on his face. After that, we went home with his ashes. We were all smiling and looking very happy as a sign that we are happy for him because he is with the Lord already. We joked around while eating lunch and we had lots of fun! After everything that happened, we still feel his presence not because he haunts us but because we can still feel how much he loves us.



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