First Ever Voice of The Philippines is Mitoy! πŸ‘ 🎀 πŸ‘Œ

The long wait has been over! Its 11 PM and I really waited for this moment so that I could blog for my bet, Mitoy Yonting! I just can’t contain my emotions that I really shouted when they announced that Mitoy won the title as the FIRST EVER THE VOICE OF THE PHILIPPINES! Good thing our neighbors didn’t get mad… Hahaha! Even before The Voice, my parents were really avid fans of Mitoy already. They said that they used to watch some of his gigs in some resorts. We really waited for his audition in the blind auditions and at first, I wasn’t really impressed but as the show gets harder, I was really speechless! Every time I hear him hit those high notes I always need to close my mouth because I’m always amazed! His original song, “Bulag” wowed me to be honest, it was the first time I actually heard him sing in a different way that’s why I screamed and my parents got mad but who cares? Hahaha! Again, congratulations Mitoy! You deserved it and to the other finalists as well. It was well played πŸ™‚


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