How to Handle Too Much Pressure

Just last week, I received my card. I can’t say I’m VERY HAPPY because I know that there’s more that I can do. But sometimes I just feel too much pressure from the people around me. For my first blog this week, I decided to write about my top 2 tips on how to handle too much pressure.

1. Listen to the right people. Imagine you’re in a marathon where in you are in the last place but you’re still running. There are a lot of people cheering, some cheering for you but some are booing to keep you down. The people who are booing you are those who are pressuring you to stop and let go. If you were to listen to these people, you might end up stopping and letting go but if you listen to those who cheer for you, pressuring you to run faster, strive harder and win, you might end up on top. When it comes to those who pressure you, the choice is in your hands, its either you choose to listen to those who are trying to stop you or to those who cheer for you telling you to run faster.

There’s an exception to this, maybe some people would choose to listen to those who boo them simply because they use it as an encouragement or an inspiration. They feel more excited to run whenever they hear people saying that they would never win or that they will always stay at the bottom. For example, if you were bullied for a certain reason, you wouldn’t cry whenever you would here people criticizing you, you will use it to make you a better person, so if you were a car, you would use it as fuel to start your engine and race to win.

2. Let God. Aside from what I told you, an important thing to do is to let God provide for you. Letting God doesn’t mean you become lazy or not doing anything at all, it just means you should also do your part. Like the saying goes, do your best and let God do the rest. Doing your best includes, praying, striving harder and running faster. Always remember that the Lord answer those who are deserving only.



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