Song of The Week :)

Just last Thursday, we had our SG or small group. In our small group, we get to talk to a teacher but in a way that were kinda like friends not student-teacher. We share experiences, lessons, prayer requests, and a lot kore stuff. My SG Leader is a Grade school teacher. She’s very kind, playful and she’s really open to anything plus she isn’t kj… Ok so before we started sharing, she made us listen to this song entitled Amazing by Andrew Allen. The reason why I liked this song is simply because I feel like it talks about my feelings.

What is this life I’ve stumbled into?
Where it’s going to take me,
Where’s it going to take you?
If life is a journey, then I know where I’ll be
By the ocean, or that valley in the sea

The first stanza of the song describes my feelings during the time when I forgot about my purpose. It tells about me being lost in my own life. Its like asking what have I gotten my self in to or where could being lost take me too. For me, as a student, my journey is still in an on going process where in stopping/relaxing isn’t an option because once you stop, you’ll be tempted to just be contented of what you have achieved. The ocean or the valley in the sea is my comfort zone. For me, I always find the sea so tempting that you never want to leave. It gives you the feeling of never wanting to leave or just stay relaxed forever. If I were to stop, I know that I’d end up in the sea.

But I don’t think anyone’s looking for me
Especially you
And if someone is looking
Then who?

When I got lost, I had this thought that is someone trying to look for me. Is there someone who wants me back? This stanza really hit me hard. It made me realize that during that time, a lot of people wanted me back. They wanted the old me. I really felt that at this moment, the song wanted to teach me an important lesson that I’ve been missing which is appreciation. I learned that even with the little things other people do for me, I should always be thankful. I should learn how to see the deeper side of this word help so that I’ll be able to appreciate every blessing I have.

And it’s amazing
How lost inside you feel
When you look fine on the outside
You’re screaming someone take the wheel
It’s amazing
They think you’ve got it all
But it might just be a pebble
That’s going to make you fall

The chorus of the song may talks about showing the real you. Its pursuing you to show your feeling and its telling you not to be afraid to ask someone help when you know you can’t handle something on your own. When I first heard this part, I remembered this line which is “smiling outside but crying inside” it may sound cliché but its true. Just remember, no jar/box/cabinet/bag can contain everything and like us, we can’t contain all the problems and the only way to lighten the load is to share it.



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