VLC: Challenges

If I’m not mistaken, our VLC which will be taking place in Cebu is just a month away. So as a Grade 7 student, I’m quite excited for this is the first time I’ll actually be with my classmate for more than a day! My blog today, is about how I’ll challenge my self when VLC starts or even after it. Let’s get started!

First of all, since Cebu is a very historical place, I think that an important thing I should do is to look beyond what the naked eyes could see. What I mean by that is to not just focus on what others see or the things which you can see physically. For me, I should let my heart speak of the story behind this and that instead of just looking at something and describing it. Like what Wilson Kanadi said which is “Look beyond every single thing you see. There’s always something behind.” I will look beyond things because I know that everything there has more to it than just a statue, a cross or whatever kind of monument. As a Filipino, its important to know your roots because there is so much more to know to be able to produce a fruit which is as perfect as the old ones we had before.

Go the extra mile. I’m quite sure that you’ve heard this for a million times already but I just want to share how I’ll go the extra mile as a student and Filipino. Going the extra mile is as simple as going beyond what is expected from you but for me, it isn’t just about expectations it’s going beyond what reality is bringing to you or making a change in what should happen. I feel like as a Filipino, we mastered the “going with the flow” strategy or being contented on what’s happening and just letting it be. To be honest, I’m also like that so as I go to Cebu I want to make a change in me which is to go the extra mile and making a change in what reality is supposed to be. A For me, in order to be able to achieve this, I’ll have to become more open minded with the different possibilities and as well as freeing my self from the locked mindset I have about the different things about life. I believe that going the extra mile can make a big change in me and even for the future of my country.

Lastly, I challenge my self to love my country more. If I were to write 100 things I’d do to help my country, I could do that. The only problem is to put it in action. It is quite hard specially if you have no love for your country. Among all the things I said, I could complete none if my country doesn’t have a place in my heart. I’m hoping that this VLC would teach my to appreciate more of our culture, my fellow Filipinos and of course to teach me to be deeply in love with the Philippines. If you wish to make a difference in your country, start it by making a difference in you which is to love your country.


Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed and learned something as well. 🙂


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