It’s been a while since I last blogged and I must admit, I kinda missed blogging even though sometimes I cram. Haha! Ok, so in my blog I’m required to write about our English class and I’m not sure if the content of my blog would be nice since I’ve got a feeling that I didn’t do well on the first period.

Starting with the first question, “What are the things which you plan to do to perform better in English?” To be honest, I’ve got a lot of things to do that I think will help me. First of all, I have to read a lot of books which I have already started because I think it will help me improve and sharpen my skills in writing. I also think that by reading, I’d be able to widen my knowledge when it comes to the different ways of writing or constructions, etc. Second, I should require myself to lessen the talking in class to be able to concentrate during discussions for me to understand the lessons better. I wouldn’t deny the fact that I’m very talkative. I’m very sure that if I talk to much, I might miss an important detail. That’s why I plan on lessening the talking and concentrate with the hearing. Lastly, I should familiarize and get used to the way my teacher does our test. My main problem in English is that even if I study, I can’t help but forget things about our lessons once I start answering so either I end up failing or getting a low score.

“What are your top 3 most unforgettable experiences/learning/discoveries in English during the first the first term?” For my experience, I think that it was the first day of classes. Aside from the fact that I had a teacher who walked into the classroom like a model, I was surprised because of the question she asked wether we deserved to survive or not. I was really blown away because I never thought that a teacher would actually start her class with such an unusual question. My most unforgettable learning is with the story The Bread of Salt by NVM Gonzales. I never imagined that a simple bread could symbolize something so big like the boy’s epiphany. Its one of the things I’m sure I’d never forget because of how much it affected all of us and because of the things we learned from the boy. Lastly, I discovered that its not how good you are in speaking in English that makes you enjoy the subject, what makes you like it or what makes you want to do better in it is the way that you learn it.

For the last question, “Which activities do you think the class should have or try next term to make the subject more engaging and interesting?” For me, I’m ok with not having activities but in my opinion what works best for us is games, puzzles, outdoor activities, etc. With the games, I think that our class remembers the lesson more if we play. I also think that whenever we have games, everyone gets more excited to learn the lessons and they have more interest in it more than a plain discussion.

That’s all for my blog. I hope you learn something from it! 🙂



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