WeSpeak 1.2

For my second blog, I’d be sharing about what WeSpeak has taught me or what it made me realize about the things around me. Like what I said in my first blog, I was able to overcome my fears which was the reason I became Best Speaker in our match. Other than that, WeSpeak taught me more than what I expected to learn. Aside from it spoke to me about finding my new skill which was debating it spoke to me about how God can keep you farther than what you expected. I remember every time we would begin a match, we would pray first to ask Him for guidance, wisdom, courage and to thank Him as well. During WeSpeak, I felt like speaking in front of a crowd was all about sharing, helping others, inspiring but beyond that there was more to speaking. Aside from helping others, it helps you too during the process.

More than what I said, I realized that speaking was also a way too boost your confidence specially when your audience is agreeing with what you say. It also helps you overcome your fears. All in all, WeSpeak spoke to me about the many things speaking can do. It can either help your audience, you alone or everyone who hears you.


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