I don’t why.

There are a lot of questions which are started with a “why” and answered with “I don’t know why.” For my last blog, I’ll be sharing my “I don’t know why.” These past few weeks I’ve been watching horror movies. To be honest, I’m a cry baby. I really don’t have control over my emotions. Since my sister’s friends come to our house from time to time, and every time they visit they have a horror movie with them. I don’t know why but I just can’t help it. One time they tried to scare me and I almost cried. Haha! We continued watching but I wasn’t really watching because I had a pillow to cover my face incase face would suddenly appear. Even though I wasn’t watching my sister’s scream did all the scaring and it wasn’t that pleasing. We were already able to watch Coming Soon, Paranormal 3 & 4, The Conjuring and Evil Dead. I never really get affected by horror movies only if the face was really scary or traumatic. I would scream from time to time and they would all scream too because of me. I remembered one time, my sister’s classmate borrowed my iPad and browsed some stuff then he gave it back to me. When I opened it, I almost threw it because my lock screen was Shomba from the movie, Coming Soon. I almost cried! I was really really terrified I wanted to slam him with my iPad. If you would ever ask me why I watched horror movies, one thing’s for sure, I’d answer “I don’t know why.”


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