Last Wednesday and Thursday, we had our Language Fest which was entitled WeSpeak: Write it up, Talk it out. I tried to join the debate competition in Filipino just to give it a try since I’ve been joining events where in I’d make a speech and recite it or a poem. I felt really nervous on the first day which was the eliminations and semi-finals. Since it was my first time, I really didn’t know how I would be able to manage to talk for 7 minutes and answer POIs. It was really a I-can-never-forget-this-moment kind of moment. Hahaha sounds confusing but it really felt like that.

During the eliminations, I was very very nervous that I only spoke for about 2-3 minutes. I was quite dissapointed with myself because I felt like I wasn’t helping my other teammates who were Grade 8 & 10 (I’m Grade 7.) I was thinking that maybe if we won, I wouldn’t be as happy as them. We did win but as I said, I was happy for them not for me. I sound so emo. Hahaha! It was semi-finals then and we were as nervous as we were on the eliminations… I did make a progress, I think I spoke for like 5 minutes. For me, it was an achievement! When we won I felt really happy because I knew I was able to contribute to my team! Well… The truth is I didn’t want to win because if we won I would have to speak in front of all the HS students and teachers. I was thinking that if I was there maybe I would have embarrassed myself or I would be able to do my best. When the semi-finals was about to start, I realized I was becoming selfish so I backed out with my plan. Haha!

Moving on, it was time for the debate and I was second to speak since I was the Leader of Opposition. When the first speaker was done, I felt a bit shaky and what they called “butterflies in your tummy”. The funny part there was I was so small that the podium covered me up until my neck and here comes the mike covering my face… SO NICE! When I started, I was like “My name is ………” and inside I was like… “Is that really you?? You sound so formal. PWE!” So I started rebutting and the audience was saying “Here! Here!” I felt happy! Really happy! When the other team was starting to throw POIs, I did a silent prayer “Lord, please!” Then poof! The answers were just popping out of my head. I felt really relieved when I ended and my oldest teammate did a thumbs up!

The moment of truth came, we won! I just can’t believe what was happening we just defeated the monsters of Filipino Debate! I wanted to scream and shout and let it all out! It was time for awarding and we were called to the mini-stage to get our award then there was the Top 3 Best Speaker, the third was announced (She was the beautiful monster of debate for me) I said to myself, no chance for you. Then the second placer, my oldest teammate. The first was announced and I wasn’t really paying attention then I heard my name so I looked at the audience and they were clapping and smiling at me then everything just registered in my mind. I WAS FIRST! (Not that I’m bragging.) I really felt very happy and surprised I didn’t know what to say except for thank You Lord.



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