Purely Random Stuff

I’m not really sure about what I’m supposed to write about for my last blog. To be honest, I was going to blog about “Gilas Pilipinas Places FIRST at Championship”. Hahahaha! I may have been a bit assuming but who wouldn’t assume if you truly believe in the ability of your fellow country men?

I can’t really blame Haddadi for being so tall but for me, Iranians are good actors… I mean how many times did the Iranians fall and acted so that the referee would put a foul on the Philippines??? Could someone help me understand why they’re in a basketball game when they should be in a theatre or a telenovela.

By the way, I’m really frustrated about two things, Gilas lost and the announcement of class suspension. But I really laughed about this post where in they said that Herbert Bautista(Mayor of QC <– where my school is) can't announce because he is guesting in the late-night comedy show called "Gandang Gabi Vice". Hahah! Lol. I'm wondering why the cities around QC has announced suspension of class while we are still waiting… Isn't in gonna rain in Quezon City?

Oh my gosh! NO CLASSES FOR ALL LEVELS IN QUEZON CITY! Hahhaha!!! YEESSS I LOVE YOU HERBERT! Hahah! But I'm sure they will still send homework through email. But it's good that I don't have to wake up early!

——-End of my ugliest blog ever——— time to party!


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