Heaven in Every Bite

Cheesecake. Oh! How I love cheesecake! Yesterday, I got the chance to buy cheesecake. For A student, it was quite expensive since I used my own money but who cares, I love cheesecake so I bought it. Haha! I started to love cheesecake the first time I ate one. That was a year ago during a friend’s party. I remembered drooling on it because it wasn’t served yet since we were having lunch first. It looked so inviting, It was telling me “Come and eat me child!” I was so tempted by that time, I wanted to jump on the table but I still had to control myself.

When it was time for cheesecake eating, I watched as the waiter slowly walked to our table and my magnificent cheesecake with strawberries and chocolate syrup on top was approaching me. It was just a few steps away!! Excitement was written all over my face. I looked like a child who’s about to open her biggest gift on Christmas. I was so excited that even while writing I can feel it all over me.

When it first entered my mouth, it felt like I was floating. The sweet juices from the strawberry, spread all over my mouth! It was a historical moment for me! The rich, creamy sweetness from the cheese itself was perfect already! I’m feeling hungry because of what I’m writing. This is torture for me! The whole thing was melt-in-your mouth soft and had the perfect taste!



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