Tips on How to Become an Effective Leader

Having a hard time dealing with your group? Don’t they follow you anymore? My blog for today is simply about tips on how to become an effective leader. My inspiration for today’s blog is based on a personal experience. As a student, I’ve been appointed as a leader for more than a hundred times yet I’m still not sure if I’m that effective so here are some tips for you!

1. Walk Your Talk
Walk your talk means you do what you say. As a leader, one of the most important things you should put in mind is you are the role model. Your group will follow you wether you like it or not. So if I were you I’d be careful about what I say and what I do. To sum everything up, if you want others to follow you, you must follow/do the things you say.

2. Never Show Weakness
There has never been a rule where in leaders should not become weak specially at times when his followers are out of control. But you should always remember that it’s ok to be weak but don’t show it in front of them. If you do so, there can be two outcomes, it’s either they become weak or they’d think that they are stronger than you so they’ll have the mindset that it’s ok to not follow you anymore. So if you want to cry or just become emotional PLEASE do it PRIVATELY.

3. A Heart for Service
A leader isn’t just a person who commands or orders the people under him, he serves as well. You can’t call yourself an effective leader if you have never tried working with your people for hours and not just sitting and ordering people around. A leader should have a heart of service. A heart that is full of passion for what he is doing and willingness to help.


Always remember that becoming a leader is a learning process you can’t force yourself to become the best! And one last thing, if everything I said doesn’t work, pray for it! :))


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