A Week Full of Stress and Excitement!

A week full of stress and excitement! That’s all I can say. Just by imagining all the things that will be happening this week I already feel like dying. On the other hand, I’m quite excited too! Aside from the opening of our cafeteria, I’m really excited about handling the booth of the Blue Zone. Even though I’m already used to entertaining people, I’m still excited because I really like talking! I’m excited and at the same time nervous because of one thing.

This one thing causes all the stress vibes in me. Every time I hear about that, I feel like backing out. I’m not really sure why I’m this scared even though I’ve sang in many events in school except that this time, I’m alone. I’m afraid that no one would listen and that I might look stupid because everyone’s laughing. I don’t know what to do anymore! I am really nervous and I feel like my hearts going to burst!!!

Tomorrow, Live Kitchen (our cafeteria) will be opened for all! As a student, I just wish the price would be more budget friendly so that I won’t worry and be stressed because I won’t have enough money anymore. One last thing, I hope every one would do their best and make the whole school proud!


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