Saturday, Movie Day

Unlike my other blogs, I will just tell you what happened to me this day. Today was a very fun day! Unexpected things happened. Early this morning, my sister left for an activity in school. Right after she left, my mom left too. It was me and my dad at home but after lunch, he left because he had work. So… I was home alone! I really love being left at home. I feel so free like I can do anything without no one trying to stop me!

It was one in the afternoon when my sister texted me to fetch her at the store near at house because she couldn’t leave because it was raining. I got two umbrellas and went to the gate as fast as I can. When I got there, I was surprised to see two of her friends, Kuya Malvin and Kuya Alec right next to her. Hahah! I was very shocked and I was processing everything as fast as I can. So, we went to our house and they started talking about watching horror films. By that time, I was doing my projects and homeworks I was also excited because I love watching horror films even though I’m afraid to see the ugly faces of the ghost in the movie.

Their first choice was a Thai movie which was entitled Coming Soon. (I won’t tell the stories of the movies I’ll be mentioning, I might dream of it. Hahah!) it wasn’t the scariest but it also surprised me because of the sudden appearance of Shomba (the evil one) in some scenes. While we were watching, my mom entered the house and like me, she was surprised as well! After the first movie, we watched Paranormal Activity 3. Unlike the first movie, this had more “surprising effect”. During the movie, I screamed a lot. The guys said that my scream was more surprising than the movie and they laughed…. HAHA! In the middle of the movie, another friend of my sister, Kuya Neil came. They were going to watch Wolverine with some friends which they will be meeting at the mall.

After Paranormal Activity 3, we had dinner! I was shocked because Kuya Neil ate two big scoops of rice then got another one! I never thought he’d eat that much. After dinner, we washed the dishes, cleaned the table then watched again! Next was Evil Dead. They said that among the first two, this was the scariest. At the start of the movie, I wasn’t really watching because I was doing my homework but when I finished I joined them. It was really scary, yucky, horrifying, and other unpleasant adjectives. I really hated how all of them died except for the last girl. It was tragic and a bit stupid.

Today might have been a scary day but it also is a fun day! Aside from that, it is also a “throat-stressing” day because every time I shouted, it was high pitched. This day is a fun and scary day!



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