Afraid To Make Mistakes

“There’s nothing wrong about making mistakes.” A lot of people would say that but what if they expect more from you to the point that every time you would make a mistake they would judge you already? Will you still try? Or will you be afraid to make mistakes?

Others think that being an honor student is something to be happy about. It really is, but sometimes it’s just tiring. For me, it really helps that I’m an honor student because I get a discount for my tuition fee which is the reason why I’m still in my current school. As an honor student, people expect more from you. They have this mindset that an honor student never fails a test.

As an honor student, I’m not ok with that. CAN’T I MAKE MISTAKES? Whenever I fail a test, of course I’m sad but when others would start comparing their scores with my score and they find out they were higher they would party and of course announce it to the whole class then everyone would know and start saying… “I’m higher than _______!! Yehey!” or “I thought you were smart, why did you fail?” Those things they say give me bad feelings like I no longer have the power to control my life. I feel like everyone’s trying to dictate the things that should happen to me which includes having good grades, excellent in class, etc.

Every time I take a test, I feel the pressure building in my whole system. I’m always pressured to get perfect scores that when I start the test I suddenly forget the lesson I studied. This often happens to me. I feel even worse when I know that I studied so hard for the test yet I failed because I let pressure overcome me that causes me to have a mental block.

Right now, one of my goals is to overcome my fear of making mistakes. I try to push my self out of my comfort zone so that I could gain confidence in things that I know I’m not good at. Just remember that making mistakes is part of learning. With every mistake you make, you learn a new thing.





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