My last blog for this week is all about decisions. There are two types of decisions. The “for the worse” and “for the better”. It simply means that there are decisions that can lead to different results. I blogged about this because I wanted to share to you the possible results of every decision you make. I also want to help people who are confused about how they should respond to certain situations where in decision-making is needed.

For the first type of decision which is the “for the worse” I’ll share you the story of a friend I know. I’ve known him for more than 8 years already. We were attending the same church before my family transferred to our current church. He was a very cheerful kid he liked playing and drawing and you seldom see him sad. Last year, a news came to me that he stopped school. I never really knew about that even though we sometimes talked to each other. I was quite worried for him and for his mom as well because he was her only child and his dad died a few months before he stopped. One time, I got to chat with him. He didn’t know that I knew he stopped so I asked him “Why did you stop going to school?” He told me the whole story. “I decided to stop because everything is messed up. My dad’s gone, my mom isn’t the same anymore. I don’t think I’ll survive school if at home I can’t even breathe comfortably.” That was the only thing he said but I felt like it explained everything to me. He decided without trying to make options that can be for the better. He was too focused on what had happened bad that he didn’t realize that he could change it into a much better state by making the right decision. My tip for this kinds of situations is try to stay positive! If you have time maybe you could read my blog about positive mindset.

Decisions “for the better”. This type of decision is the positive one. If you’re one of those positive thinkers maybe you already know what I mean about “for the better”. Decisions for the better always end up with a positive result. A perfect example of a person who made a decision for the better is Liz Murray. Her story, which you can watch (Homeless to Harvard) and read (Breaking Night) shows how she decided to change her life in order for her to become a better person and to have a better life. With the decisions she made she was able to graduate from Harvard even though she had nothing from the start. Can’t you see the effect of making positive decision? If I were you, I’d think before deciding!




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