Reflect. Relate. Retell.

Everyday is a new day. It can be a day full of happiness. Sometimes a day full of sadness. There might be different things that could happen to you but one thing’s for sure, everyday is a day full of lessons to reflect on, to relate to and to retell to others.

My second blog for this week talks about how you can improve the way you connect yourself with what you learn and how you can share it to other people. There are three Rs I want you to remember. Reflect. Relate. Retell.

Reflect. For me, reflecting about what you learned would help you understand what that lesson is all about. It will help you dig deeper than what you have already discovered about it. Reflecting can also test if you really understood the whole thing or it just went inside one of your ear then immediately came out of the other ear. Lastly, it’ll help you connect yourself not just through your mind but also with your heart.

Relate. Relate means trying to put yourself in a situation where in it is important for you to apply what lesson you have learned. It can also mean like there’s a specific event in your life where in you can say that I was once like that or I am that kind of person that’s why you can say that you are able to relate to it.

Retell. This is very important. What I mean by retelling is that you share what you have learned. Sharing to other people is also helping them to understand the true meaning of the things they have learned during their life. Retelling is also a way of giving back. It’s like you were given knowledge about a certain thing now it’s time to give back by sharing what you know.



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