TEAM : marked by devotion to teamwork rather than individual achievement

A team is consist of many people working towards the same goal. But a team will never be a team if they don’t have the same outlook about success. A lot of people say that the reason why a team is successful because of how talented the players or the people in the team are. If you look at it at a different perspective, the secret behind a successful team is teamwork.

For me, teamwork isn’t all about putting your talents together it’s about balancing everyone’s skill and principles. The most important principle a team should know besides teamwork is cooperation. Cooperation and teamwork can lead your team to success. If you cooperate which means you act together as one team you can work together. If you have teamwork, you are devoted to working as a team and not as an individual. With these two principles, your team can be successful in life and in your game. You just have to remember that TEAM is “Together Each Achieves More”.



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