The Lorax: Once-ler’s Realization

Earlier today in our English class we had a graded recitation. We had to talk about a certain film, a character and the events that led him/her to realize something which was the epiphany. I chose the movie The Lorax and the character of Once-ler.

The film was about a guy who wanted to prove his self to his family. So he left their house and searched for a place with many trees which he will use for making his thneeds. Days went by and finally, he found a very beautiful land with many trees and animals.

After cutting down his first tree, an orange fluffy stuff appeared. His name was Lorax and he spoke for the trees. He wasn’t happy about Once-ler cutting down that tree so with all his strength he tried to stop him but the young man was very persistent he did not stop.

The next day, Once-ler went out to sell his thneed but nobody liked it. Every one was making fun of the young man. Then, people started to realize that his thneeds was actually very nice! They started buying tons of thneeds and Once-ler was very happy. He had a fast-growing business, he also had his family with him when they started to expand their thneed business.

Once-ler earned a lot of money. He earned more and more everyday. He was blinded by money that he didn’t want to stop producing thneeds and making money.

When more and more thneeds were made, there was fewer trees left and one day, all the trees were gone. After that, Once-ler was broke, his family had left him even the animals including Lorax had left for they couldn’t make a home in that polluted land.

Finally, he made a realization. He realized that he was too blinded by money that he was not sensitive with what could happen to his surroundings. He did not realize that because of being to concentrated to his money, he was actually destroying the home of animals and cutting down all the trees in the land. Lastly, he did not realize that the animals he could call his friends were slowly leaving him.



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