Monsters University! :)

Have you guys watched Monsters University? Yesterday, I had the chance to watch it with my sister, my aunt and uncle. In my blog today, I’ll be writing about the funny moments, unexpected happenings before the movie and my favorite parts in Monsters University.

After class, me and my sister went to Tri Noma to meet my aunt and uncle. When we got there, we found out that the last showing of the movie was 4 pm and it was already 5! We had to transfer to SM North Edsa. The funny part here is that when we were near the foot bridge, we saw this guy who was in a red shirt going down the stairs and his man boobs were bouncing. At first I thought, “Is that a girl?” I asked my sister “Was that a guy?” she didn’t even answer but we started laughing our lungs out while we were on the foot bridge.

When we got to SM, we went directly to our meeting place and found my aunt and uncle there. We had our dinner, bought some pizza and some snacks to bring inside the cinema. The movie was scheduled 7:05 pm and at 7 pm we were so far from the movie house so we were fast walking and laughing on our way there. Surprisingly, I saw my teachers going inside the movie house too! Hahaha! We all got inside the movie house and I thought that we were going on separate seats but again, We were in the same row! In my mind I was like, Oh what a coincidence! Hahaha. We all enjoyed the movie!

My most favorite part in terms of being funny is the sea urchin part. I was really laughing while watching! Hahaha. I wanted to hit my sister because I couldn’t breathe anymore. I was really laughing about how they became swollen. Hahaha! When Mike was talking and I saw how swollen his lips were I wanted to jump because he really looked hilarious! By the way, I really liked Squishy! Hahahaha!

After the movie, we all got out of the cinema and said good bye to my teachers then we left, but another unexpected thing happened. I saw my Math teacher and her husband! Haha.



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