Monsters University: Lessons Learned :)

This is my second blog for the day and I hope you guys learn form it. 🙂

I made a blog about MU but I guess it would be better if I shared the things I learned from the movie. What made me realize that I should share what I learned is what my mom always said to me. She would remind me that if you learn something new, it would be better if you share it with others so that they’ ll learn something too.

I’ll be sharing about two lessons I learned that I can really relate to. In the movie, James was the “famous one” at first because of his name. In my blog before, The Wonders of The Lord In My Life I was very confident like James so like him, I wasn’t really studying so hard because I thought that I was already excellent. In the end, same as James, I also learned that even if you were good or you have a famous name you wouldn’t excel in the future if you don’t work hard for it.

At the end of the credits, there’s one more thing I learned. That is to never give up! Which means you just have to keep on trying till you succeed! (I suggest you wait until the credits part so you know what I’m talking about.)



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