Bread of Salt

My last blog for the week is about the last paragraph of “Bread of Salt” by NVM Gonzales. I highly recommend that you guys keep a dictionary with you once you read the story because even I had a hard time understanding the whole story.

“He walked with me part of the way home. We stopped at the baker’s when I told him that I wanted to buy with my own money some bread to eat on the way to Grandmother’s house at the edge of the sea wall.” The first two sentences of the last paragraph made me think that he was happy for himself because he could buy pan de sal with his own money, but I remembered that he was on his way home from a party. After processing what I’ve read, I came to realize that how can he still have an appetite when he was just from a party? At this part of the paragraph, I was really confused!

“He laughed, thinking it strange that I should be hungry.We found ourselves alone at the counter; and we watched the bakery assistants at work until our bodies grew warm from the oven across the door. It was not quite five, and the bread was not yet ready.” The last part of the story helped me understand the paragraph more. These sentences gave me a whole new idea. It made me realize that he never wanted to buy the bread for himself. I thought that maybe it was to bring home for his grandmother.



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