The Wonders of The Lord In My Life

My blog for today has something to do with me and my flaws and by sharing my experience I hope that you guys will get something from it.

During my Grade 5 days, I was a hardworking student. I would do advance studies, ask help from my classmates and even my parents when I don’t understand a certain topic. At the end of the year, I was really happy to be the top 1 student in our batch. I felt happy about how all my hard work paid off. When I was on stage I felt so smart and I never realized how that feeling could actually change my life.

When Grade 6 started, I was really happy to be back in school  because I wanted to feel how important I was for my classmates specially because I was top 1. I relied on my self too much  to the point that I almost forgot to ask help from the Lord. Those times when we had seatworks or quizzes I felt like  even without studying I would pass because I was smart enough. During the last period of Grade 6, I started to realize how bad my grades were. I started to worry and I even tried to change but I couldn’t. I thought to myself that, maybe the Lord wants me to learn my lesson, He wanted me to realize how much I trusted myself and how wrong it was to do that. After a few days, our teachers confirmed that we will be graduating from grade school. I felt like it was the end of the world.

At the day of our graduation, I was trying to look happy even though I knew that deep down in my heart I had failed not just the Lord but my parents and the people who trusted me. When the top 5 of our batch was announced, I wanted to go home already. I thought I would embarrass myself and my whole my family because from top 1 I became nothing.

Without the Lord, maybe I wouldn’t be in a private school anymore. With His help, I managed to place 4th. On stage, I didn’t feel smart but instead I felt the Lord on my side, telling me that “No matter how many times you fail, I’ll be here, I will guide you to the right path.”

Now that I’m on my first year of high school, I promised the Lord to do my best in school and specially in praising Him.



The most important thing I learned is that failure can be a way for you to come back as a child of the Lord. I hope that with my experience, you have learned something new and something that you can use to be able to stay in the right path! 🙂



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