3 Easy Steps To Successful Time Management

Millions of people around the world say that there is always a time for everything and to be able to have time, management is important.

For today’s blog, obviously I’ll be writing about time management and a little bit of its importance. Let’s get started! Here are my 3 easy steps to successful time management!

1. Know Your Priorities.
In order to be able to manage your time properly, you have to know what activities or tasks to prioritize or give time to be able to accomplish it on your given dead line. If you have way too much things to do and most of them are not relevant for example, watching t.v. playing, etc. you have to learn to drop those extra activities. Prioritizing the things you should do gives you more time to finish all the tasks and activities even before the dead line.

2. To Do List
After evaluating the activities and tasks you have to prioritize, you can start making a schedule on when to do this, when to do that and how much time should be given. The importance of this list is that it could help you give certain time slots for every activity and help in organizing the things you should do. One important reminder in making a to do list is that the amount of time given and what the first and last thing you should do, should be based on how important the task is and how much time it would consume.

3. Set Dead Lines
To complete your to do list, you must have certain dead lines that you should reach for you to say that you were a success in time management. Setting dead lines isn’t fixed or unchangeable for all the tasks. Dead lines should be based on how much time should be given in order to finish the certain task. You should aways put in mind that making dead lines isn’t just an easy job to do, you should know the importance of giving the right amount of time for the right activity.

Time management it self is about having the right amount of time to accomplish a given task on or before its dead line. With out a proper time management, not all tasks will be given attention simply because you haven’t given a time slot for it or you never thought of prioritizing your actives such as watching when you get home instead of studying or doing some paper works.

Being able to manage your time will teach you to be responsible with the things that you will do. Having the right amount of time for everything may lead you to a better future specially when you start practicing it today until the day the time you start working.



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