My Top 3 Tips for High Self-Esteem :)

Self-esteem is how confident someone is with how he/she looks like. It reflects on how a person accepts, believes and love their self. If you’ve been put down by others, it’s possible that you’ll look down on your self too. If you have been in this kind of situation here are my top 3 tips to have a high self-esteem:

1. Stop comparing yourself to other people.
We tend to compare our selves with other people, during these comparing we reduce the amount of confidence in us specially when we find out that this person your comparing yourself to has more than what you have in a certain aspect. In this kind of situation, no one else is trying to put you down but yourself. Every time you find someone better than you in a certain skill or physical appearance we have this thinking that “I am ugly, useless, etc.”. To prevent these kinds of ideas, you should STOP COMPARING YOUR SELF TO OTHER PEOPLE!

2. Count your strengths and not your weaknesses.
A part of bringing yourself down is finding your imperfections or weaknesses and putting in mind that I’ll always be like this and that, I will never be better, etc. If you keep on doing this you’ll end up hating yourself for being weak or imperfect and not loving yourself for having strengths in certain things. Instead of counting your endless flaws, try to count the things that you’re good at, your strengths, talents, skills and many more! Always put in mind that everyone has their own flaws but there is always a lot more good than there is bad.

3. Be true to yourself.
Live the life you want to live! If you live a life where in someone is dictating you, making you do things you never wanted to do, you wouldn’t succeed in having a high self-esteem. If other people dictate your life, you wouldn’t feel good at all. You will never gain respect from yourself simply because you wouldn’t even try to lead you life the way you want it to be. Try to make decisions that you think will give you enough confidence to say that “I am happy with my life, I accept who I am and I love myself for being me.”

Always remember that even if the whole world tries to bring you down, you only need one person’s acceptance that can assure that you are a wonderful person even with your weaknesses and that is the Lord’s acceptance. 🙂



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