Technology. Good or Bad?

My blog for today is basically about how technology helps us in good ways and how it affects us in bad ways as kids or teenagers. I was feeling very excited to write a blog about this topic maybe because I could relate to it or by any chance know someone who has experienced these kinds of things.

I can say that technology is a big contribution on how our generation has evolved during the past few years. Technology being an influence to us has changed our everyday lives. Have you ever imagined a life without internet, smartphones, tablets, iPads, and iPhones? For us who were born from 2000 and the late 90s, I bet living in that kind of life was very hard! Just by thinking about doing everything manually stresses me out, researching MANUALLY is a challenge for us but for our parents searching in big libraries with thousands of books was just an easy thing to do or let’s just say it was their way of life. Another example of what technology has produced are the social networking sites and the numerous numbers of video games which are rapidly spreading all around the world.

As a part of this generation, I believe that these social networking sites and video games have good effects to us and bad effects as well. Good effects of these social networking sites is that it makes communication a lot easier with the help of chatting, voice calls and even video calls, it is also more convenient because as long as there is internet connection you won’t worry about anything like loosing your signal, load, etc. Unlike before, the fastest way to send a message was through telegrams but when cellphones were made, things were a bit easier from then on. A bad effect of the video games are kids nowadays chooses to stay at home playing video games rather than playing outside and being able to exercise both physically and mentally. These bad effects may lead to either obesity since our bodies aren’t conditioned or the lost of time for us to concentrate on our studies.

To sum everything up, for me you wouldn’t encounter any bad effects as long as you know how to properly balance your time. If you put in mind that there is always a time for everything, social networking
sites and video games wouldn’t be a distraction but instead a way of entertainment or maybe you can even use these as learning tools! 🙂


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