Hello HS :)

Yesterday’s classes which was our first day of school was really cool but at the same time, challenging! The fact that almost everything about this school year was new to me even though I was in the same school. My teachers, classroom and my new classmates who were really quiet even though we were trying to talk to them.

Today was just the second day of classes but I felt like it was already the middle of the school year! I felt really tired even though we weren’t that busy yet. On the other hand, being a high school student is really exciting! Since it was very different from last year, I feel excited about the changes that will happen in the coming weeks. I’m excited about how the lessons will evolve in order for us to learn deeper and understand the lessons in a more matured way.

After two days of being a high school student, I still feel challenged and a bit fearful. What challenges me the most is how i can handle harder subjects and the responsibilities that will be given to me. I also fear that I might not be able to reach the expectations of my family and as well as the people around me. I’m afraid to not be better than who I was during my grade school years. One thing I ask from the Lord is that He will help me have good grades for the whole school year.



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