Thank Him for The Little Things

” Give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. ” – 1 Thessalonians 5:18

There are a hundred reasons to be thankful in life but why do we forget to thank Him? Do we ever think how much He has given to us? For every second that you live for every gift you received, did you thank Him? Don’t forget how much He has sacrificed in order for us to live a life full of opportunities a life where in we can make decisions. For every little thing you receive, God is there. Thank Him everyday as you wake up. He sacrificed for us and yet we cannot give Him what He deserves. Always remember that even if the Lord gives you trials in life thank Him because at the end of the day, is you who will benefit in the lessons you have learned. Give thanks to Him because He never failed to show you how much He loves us despite our imperfections.

With every moment you live, dedicate it to Him. With every prayer you say, put your heart into it because in every prayer treated as a joke, a chance to talk to Him is wasted. Don’t forget that if the Lord didn’t warn Noah about the Great Flood, we all wouldn’t be here and I won’t be writing this telling you to thank Him for the little things.

Let Him.

” Trust in the LORD with all your heart, And do not lean on your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He will make your paths straight. ” Proverbs 3 : 5-6

This verse has been with me since I was a kid. I hear it in school, at home and sometimes I randomly see it. I never really understood this verse not until I realized how much I needed Him in my life. At first I thought that if you pray that God will help you do something for you without you making an effort and it will still happen. For example, you have a test and you weren’t able to study for it, if you ask the Lord to help you a minute before the test even though you prayed, you will still fail because you never did your part. I’ve been through a lot of these situations but eventually, I learned my lesson.

Let God control you don’t try to deny His access in your life. If life was a game, make Him your Game Master and be his hands who will do His works and share it to others. Let Him live in your heart be amazed about how He can change you in a way you never thought you’d become. Let Him make you a better person. Always remember that in the little things you do, God is always there teaching and guiding you, telling you what is right and what is wrong and by then, let His will be done in you.

Parents :)

In today’s busy lifestyle, many of us forget about spending a few hours on family bonding. Many of us doesn’t realize how that short amount of time can affect the whole family. During family bonding, parents and their children get to know each other even more. They know what’s happening to their children, if they are doing good in school or if someone might be bullying their child. A lot of families have been making ways to keep contact to their children specially because as teenagers, we tend to stay much longer on the internet rather than talking to our parents. We should always remember that if anything happens, family will always be there. Put in mind that if ever the world brings you down, your family will be there no matter what happens.

As parents, its never too late to try and interact with your child. I’m quite sure that regardless of the things he/she has done to disappoint you, you’ll never give up on each other. A few minutes spent with your child can be a way to lead them to the right path. That short period of time can change them. Make them feel how much you love them and tell them encouraging lines to keep them up. All it takes is a few minutes of your time Sacrifice for them and teach them the little things needed in life. Be there to keep them going when goals starts to become harder to achieve and when they are at their worst. No parent wants to see their child suffer and no child wants to see their parents give up on him/her. And lastly, let the Lord do miracles in your life. Let Him lead your way.


Maybe you’re wondering what LMPS means… The truth is, I just made it up. LMPS means Last Movie Played Syndrome. It’s very similar to LSS which is Last Song Syndrome. These past few weeks has been full of Frozen related stuff. Well, you can’t deny how wonderful that movie is. From the characters, to the songs and in every scene you can feel how much effort they put in that movie. In school, I don’t think there’s a day which we don’t sing the songs like Let It Go and many more. Frozen is just really an epic movie that I think I won’t ever forget. It symbolizes the meaning of true love. Whether if  it’s between two people who are attracted to each other or people whom you treat as family. Frozen gives us an idea on how much love can change a person’s beliefs. 

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Last Thursday, January 9, the Grade 10 students had a play which was A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare. At first, I wasn’t really going to watch but I realized something. I thought that someday, our batch might do something like this as well and the funds were for the Nanjing Walkabout so I decided to watch. I used my money which was given to me for Christmas to buy VIP tickets. So the day of the play finally came and me and my friends were first on the line because we wanted to sit near the stage! We were really excited because it was the first time that our school had a play by one of the greatest writers in history, Mr. William Shakespeare. We were aware that the play would use Old English so I prepared my self for that ahhaa! When the play started we were just so amazed about how good everyone did with memorizing the lines! The costumes were fabulous specially the wedding gowns at the end of the play! The play that the characters were watching was so hilariousI don’t remember a time when I wasn’t laughing during the play of the actors!i told my self that the amount I paid was worth it. When the play ended I still couldn’t get over my favorite scenes which are the part where in Hermia slapped Lysander. I also liked the parts where Puck was copying the actors as they practiced for the play. Even the lights and sounds effectwas in perfect timing! Watching AMND was definitely an unforgettable experience!


Snow in Midsummer

The day after A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Grade 9′s play was up next already. There play was Guan Hanqing’ s Snow in Midsummer. If the Grade 10′s play was Western now, its Eastern! After the Grade 10′s play I already saw how pressured the Grade 9 was because honestly, the Grade 10 was really excellent with every part of the play. I thought that maybe they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to do as well as the Grade 10 did. Like with the first play, me and my friends were also first in line but the difference is, we were no longer VIP because we have no more money left! Haha! We even planned to split in the 2 lines so that even if the other line will go first my friend in that line could reserve the seats for us because we had to stay in the first row of the regular ticket! Before the play started, I saw a lot of old students and even teachers. I was quite happy to know that they were still in touch with us. The play started and I could already feel the sadness in the story. I really liked how each character had their own Chinese Accent! I really like the idea of the see through wall which showed the part were Dou E the lead actress was killed! It was so good! After that, we were all frightened and surprised when we saw her as a ghost walking in the aisle with a scary expression!t was such a great story and the characters were really excellent!


New Year’s Gift :)

Sometimes there are things that you thought would never happen but you never know, one day it might just happen! Its been months since I last posted a blog and those were the days when there were so many things to do but I’ll try to make my blogs better and make sure that you’ll have fun! Since I was little, I dreamt of having a dog since I often watch movies which had dogs in it and I found them really cute. Whenever I talk to my parents about having a dog my mom would always disagree because she thinks that dogs are messy and noisy. My dad would just say the time would come when we’re ready enough to take care of one. 6 years has passed and there was no dog only fish which I definitely couldn’t play with!

Eventually, I got tired of asking them about having a dog and just forget about it. I thought that it will never ever happen since my mom kind of hated dogs. I was just thankful of everything that I was given. Christmas 2013 passed and a part of me was still hoping for a dog but there was no sign of one. Sometimes my dad would joke and would ask me “Which one would you like for Christmas? A dog or phone?” Even before I would answer, he would say that its a joke and I would just roll my eyes!

New Year came and I was shocked when we entered my grandmother’s house! There was a puppy running towards us and I was like “Is this for real?!” I looked crazy jumping and shouting together with my sister. It felt so happy and my heart was jumping up and down! I’m just so thankful to my parents because they trusted us with a dog. I’m so thankful for Storm. By the way, he’s a mix breed of Japanese Spitz and Chihuahua. How I wish there would be more moments like this. :)